The Instant Burger's® Patented Direct Energy Transfer® cooks up to 200 juicy and delicious hamburgers an hour. It cooks the fat calories out of the meat but leaves the natural juices in to give a fresh cooked, non-fried, low carb hamburger. It is small and compact. It requires no hoods (local codes prevail). Unlike a grill, it requires no preheating, nor does it cost you for energy while sitting idle. With today's high-energy bill, every penny counts. You make more money on every hamburger. The Instant Burger's unique process produces two juicy and delicious hamburgers in 25 at a temperature of at least 180°F. It is safe and easy to clean.


Instant Burger®

Cooks Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sausage Patties, Chicken Fillets - in 25 Seconds. The Fastest Fast Food System. Make sandwiches as fast as you can prep the buns.


Electrical : 115V, single phase, 21 amps. Must be grounded.
Height 7"
Depth 16.5"
Width 23"


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