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Cook-to-order menu items are served FAST!! With the optional platen lowered, the top and bottom of the product are cooked simultaneously. Foods maintain natural juiciness, and your customers are served food hot off the grill, in less than half the time of standard grills. Even temperatures across the entire cooking surface assures safe product integrity and fast recovery. Holding cooked food products for busy times is virtually unnecessary, reducing product waste. Multiple grills may be installed side-by-side to increase cooking surface and capacities.


L828 Electric Grill

G828 Electric Grill


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L820 Electric Grill

L819 Gas/Electric Grill


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L822 Electric Grill

L821 Gas/Electric Grill


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L812 Electric Grill

L813 Gas/Electric Grill


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L810 Electric Grill

L811 Gas/Electric Grill


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